Posted by : Afrizha Mediashared Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A year ago. I had the opportunity to work at Digital Conference, Bali, Indonesia comes. They are distributed in a gift bag to one. In which is a gift from Yahoo offline with one of them is a business card boxes. But in the card box. Instead they will leave blank. They push the other paper plate steamed purple (not the bank five hundred offline I) is quite interesting information.

There is an article on 10 Tips for Creating Great Online Media Creative or technical design, online banner or piece of creative work offline, whether as a simple banner, floating ad or a banner interactive ad opportunity I took this article to tell you the same.

Agency in the field. He referred to a piece of design that are creative, such as banner design, a piece he called a piece of this is so creative. Let’s see that Yahoo introduced to this technique interesting how

Via Yahoo to tell us before that. We have just less than 3 seconds to draw attention from the user, or visitor here is a creative design techniques to the audience interested.

  1. Focus on the main idea just only 1 or 2 points is enough.
  2. Manage the length of the text as well. Should not be too long. Wait behind the audience to read.
  3. Emphasize the point that audiences do want to call the call center or click or to play games etc.
  4. The brand stands out all the time, such as a logo ad displayed on every frame.
  5. The banner that interact as a game to play. Or play with their mouse to click a link or banner to go to read more.
  6. Online video tends to work better together with other offline campaigns.
  7. Make a replay button on the banner.
  8. The Close button (close) the obvious. In the case of a floating ad banner or other forms of interruption to end users (usually close button should be on the top right corner).
  9. Characters to communicate the main ideas instead of sounds. (Because most users tend to mute).
  10. Users have the option to turn on or turn off the sound of that advertising
Don't forget Stage competition (Competitive Stage) on new products to market and the public’s attention. Products similar but different brand, may have lost some customers away. If you still do not think any one could lose customers and so this period is the time to fight with competitors. The old product that was dominant before the international awareness to improve their products interesting. May improve the quality of new Original recipe, adding a special new material or changes to a new package of interest, etc., or new products to fight off the competition at this stage will have to throw quite a heavy cost advertising. By trying to emphasize the good over competitive products. To interested customers.

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