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All together now ...
We say that the launch of I MindMap 5 there are few surprises, and we are very pleased that we now can give a big secret! I MindMap 5 Basic, our starter package, will be free for life.

5 represents a new era iMindMap Mind Mapping, Knowledge ThinkBuzan literacy and mental - and how better to reflect current changes. And this is a gift from us for the WORLD!

We truly believe that by doing something different, people can think and work better. iMindMap is that 'something different', and we do not agree only be available to some people. So now iMindMap is for everyone.

Today iMindMap 5 Basic will be available for free, for life, so why not tell your friends, family, partner, colleagues and clients?
Make sure, we just want to help everyone think and work differently to get better. With your help, we can make a mental literacy Thought.

Watch the video iMindMap, Chris Griffiths, and creator Tony Buzan Mind Map below to find out why we decided to release a free version of iMindMap 5 and what we hope to do with it ...

Download i-Mindmaps 5 thinkbuzan : Download Here
Download i-MindMaps 5 Ultimate Full by cnet : Download Here

Creative thinking Mind Map benefits:

     They produce increased mental energy as Mind Mapper moves towards his / her goal.
     They allow the Mind Mapper to see so many elements at once, thus increasing the possibility of creative association and integration.
     They allow the human brain to keep track of ideas that are usually located on the edge of obscurity in their thinking.
     They increase the probability of getting new ideas.
     They encourage playfulness, humor and innovation thus increasing the probability of Mind Mapper stray far from the norm and generate ideas that really creative.
     Provide software like iMindMap Mind Mapping Tony Buzan is to go and see how it helps to further enhance your creativity.

Consider the following statement:
There are a lot of ways of solving the problems in the failure of Educational System. Innovations in the learning methods that may develop students’ academic and creative potentials have been attempted. One of the methods recently developed in schools is Quantum Learning Method. Students’ positive suggestions will bring about high motivation resulting in potential development and excellent achievement at school and in the society in the future. 
Memory is a biological process, namely the provision of the codes of information and call back information when the information is needed. Basically the memories are something that make up the human identity and distinguishes humans from other living things. Memories provide reference points in the past and forecast the future. Memory is a complex electrochemical chemical reactions that are activated through various sensory channels and stored in neural networks are very complex and unique in the whole brain. Memories formed through thinking, moving and experiencing life (sensory stimulation). All perceived experiences are stored in the brain, then will be processed and sorted by the structures and processes of the brain about the value and usefulness (Eric Jensen. 2002:21)

Neocortex or cerebral cortex is divided into two parts, namely the right hemisphere and left hemisphere. Each of the two hemispheres are responsible for thinking and each has specialized in the ability - the ability of a particular (and Hernacki Bobbi de Porter, 1999:28). Further Taufik Bahaudin (1999:45) explains that, right hemisphere-related about the image, imagination, color, rhythm and space. The left brain is concerned with numbers, words, logic, sequence or a list and details.
Generally the left hemisphere plays an important role in logika.kata-word processing, mathematics and the order or referred to as the brain that are associated with academic learning. Oatak kana associated with rhythm, rhyme, music. Images and imagination or are referred to as the brain associated with creative activity. Both hemispheres are connected by the corpus collosum that constantly manyeimbangkan messages that come in and combine the abstract and holistic picture with concrete and logical messages (Gordon Dryden Jeannette Vos. 2003:125).
Most people only use the left brain as communicating and obtaining information in the form of verbal or written. Education, business, and science tend to use the left brain hemisphere. In the process of learning students are always required to use the left hemisphere while receiving course materials. Subject matter will be transformed and processed in the form of memory. Sometimes students can not recall the mempertahankaan role in a long time. That's because the lack of balance between the two hemispheres of the brain which eventually can lead to impaired physical and mental health.
To balance the tendency of one hemisphere of the brain it is necessary to input music and aesthetics in the learning process. Put music and aesthetics can provide positive feedback that can lead to positive emotions that make the brain work more effectively (Bobbi de Porter and Hernacki.1999: 38)
Information diperloleh students in the form of subject matter will be processed and become a ingata dismpan. Short-term memory is converted into a long-term memory require working keterlibaan limbic system. Students want Matri lessons learned in the process of learning to be a fruit of long-term memory. Students do various things to keep that memory into long-term memory, one of them by noting the subject matter has been learned,
Note is one attempt to improve memory. The human brain can store everything that is seen, heard and felt. The purpose of recording is to help remember the information stored in memory without record and repeat information, students are able to recall only a small portion of material being taught.
Generally, students take notes in the traditional linear form of writing which covers the entire length of the subject matter, so the notes look very monotonous and boring. Generally monotonous notes will eliminate the major topics that are important from the subject matter.
The brain can not directly process nformation to form a neat and tidy but need to find, select, formulate and merangkainya in the drawings, symbols, sounds, images, sounds and feelings so that the information that came out one by one connected by logic, governed by the language and produce meanings that are understood. Recording techniques can be divided into two parts. First note, write, set (CTS), which is a technique that is able to synergize the work record left brain with right brain, so that the concentration of learning can be increased tenfold. Note, write, arrange, relate what didengaran be the main points and write pemkiran and impression of the subject matter that have been studied (Bobbi de Portyer and Hernacki, 1999: 152).
The second recording techniques, mind mapping (mind mapping), which is the easiest way to incorporate the information into the brain and to re-take the information from the brain. Map of thought is the best technique in helping the brain berfiki regularly because it uses a graphical technique that comes from human thought useful to provide universal keys that unlock the potential of the brain (Tony and Barry Buzan, 2004: 68).
Mind was the brainchild of a variety of imagination. Mind is a situation that arises when the brain (brain) da life at work (Taufik Bahaudin, 1999: 53). Further Bobbi de Porter and Hernacki (199: 152) explains, is a mind map technique uses the whole brain by using visual images and other graphics infrastructure to form a deeper impression.
Mind map is a technique to summarize the material to be studied and projected the problems encountered in the form of maps or charts techniques, making them easier to understand Iwan Sugiarto, 2004:75).
Mind mapping is a verbal visualization techniques into the picture. Mind maps are very useful to understand the material, especially material that is given verbally. Aims to create a mind map is a visual subject matter and graphic pattern that ultimately can help record, memnperkuat, and given the information they have learned kemabli (Eric Jensen, 2002: 95).
Here is the difference between a traditional record (regular notes) with a record of a mind mapping (mind mapping).
Table 1. Differences Ordinary Notes and Mind mappingOrdinary Notes
1. only form of writings alone2. only in one color3. to review the re-take a long time4. time required to study longer5. static
Mind Map1. form of writing, symbols and images2. colorful3. re required to review a short time4. time needed to learn more quickly and effectively5. makes individuals become more creative.Sources Iwan Sugiarto, 2004: 76.
From the above description, a map of the mind (mind mapping) is a recording technique that developed a visual learning style. Mind maps integrate and develop the potential of the brain works contained in a person. With the involvement of both hemispheres seserorang then it makes it easy to manage and remember all forms of information, either in writing or verbally. The existence of a combination of colors, symbols, shapes and so facilitate the brain to absorb information received.  

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